Tegan & Sara, October 22, 2016, The Pageant, Saint Louis, MO

If you can believe this, Saturday was my first time seeing Tegan and Sara. I always had conflicts with schedule when they have come to town. FINALLY, it happened.  

The crowd was elated even before they stepped foot on stage.  The house lights went dark then purple lights began blinking to the beat it felt like to a seriously high energy version of “I’m So Excited” performed originally by The Pointer Sisters. When the song ended, the twins from Canada stepped on stage!  Cue the crowd!  They were seriously loud and I loved that!  

Before I go forward, I must say that I was surprised in a good way when I saw who was in their band. The one and only Eva Gardner. One of the baddest asses of women who play. Also in the band were  Brendan Buckley (drums/percussion) and Gabriel McNair (keys/backing vocals). All of their resumes are impressive. They fit perfectly with Tegan and Sara. 

The opening number was “Back in Your Head” much to the crowd’s delight!  Their sound was perfection. Yes, I admit I love their music, but sometimes the live show doesn’t always add up. No worries about that here. Their stage (floor) reminded me of something straight out of Saturday Night Fever (you know I’m old with that reference).  From the beginning, they played to the crowd and you could tell how sincere it was. 

The duo played a great combination of new and old music.  (See my older review on their newest album Love You To Death.)  Some of my personal favorites were “Walking With a Ghost”, “Drove Me Wild”, “Faint of Heart”, “Nineteen”, “Hang on to the Night”, “Boyfriend”, and “Stop Desire”.  But who am I kidding, all were great. Two beautiful acoustic versions of songs were performed:  “The Con” and “Call It Off”. 

To see the full setlist, please go to this link:  


As expected, the girls were extremely funny when talking to the crowd. It was not some rehearsed thing they say at every show. They had been to Saint Louis’ well know City Museum earlier in the day and those stories were hilarious. At a moment in the show, Sara discussed the balcony dwellers. Quote of the night came from Sara while discussing the balcony, “You want to talk about my cats? No, we’re talking about the complexities of those who sit in the balcony.”  (It is at this point that I must admit I was a balcony dweller.  I like to have a seat when I’m reviewing to take a few notes on occasion. That is my story and I’m sticking to it!)

Needless to say, I highly recommend you attend a show on this tour. I’ve included the link below in order for you to see if there is a show near you or maybe a road trip!  See tour schedule below:


I know you usually expect good pictures from me. I didn’t have a camera pass and here are a few from the iPhone. Better than nothing, right? Nothing like balcony pictures either. (LOL)

Lastly, the show was phenomenal as I have said, but it’s also good to see artists who actually stand for something. Tegan and Sara talked from the heart about the U.S. Election and it’s importance.  To me, that’s what makes them even greater!

Grab your tickets and catch a show!  You will not regret it!

Were you at the show?  Leave your comments! Love reading them! – TF


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