Welcome to Toronto – Vacation Day 3

A good portion of the day was spent driving. I was so glad to be back in Canada again. I haven’t been to Ontario so I added a third province (BC and Alberta are the other too). I also saw Great Lakes 3 and 4 – Lake Huron and Lake Ontario. That makes my total at 4 – 1 more left! (I’ve seen Lake Michigan and Lake Erie previously.). Do not laugh at this history nerd and my lists I want to accomplish lol. 

We entered Toronto and I got so excited. Such a beautiful skyline. The CN tower is in one picture. If you wanted, you could actual go outside and walk plus jump out a bit. There was a time my younger self would have said YES!!  Today is turn and run the other direction. lol

We checked into our hotel which is really nice. Spent some time just resting before going to eat at Marche and meeting a dear friend from college who lives on Toronto now. The restaurant was amazing. A very cool concept.  After that, we caught up with a super sweet woman who has become a sponsor of the Friday shows. She owns Tomboy Toes. Some killer shows FYI. We hung out in gay Toronto having drinks and visiting. Low key evening but fun!!

The entryway to the restaurant. 

Hockey Nation!  Had to get our Prongs!

My college friend and I 

Some of the wonderful architecture in Toronto

Stay Tuned for Day 4 – Adele Day!!


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