Vacation Have to Get Away….

Day 1 was spent mainly on the road from Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and ending up in Michigan.  Along the way, we saw the world’a largest soup can at the Campbell’s factory!

Thanks, Roadside Attractions app. If you travel a lot, this is a must app. We had already passed, but we could have gone to the Dum Dum’s factory lol. 

Along the way we saw a real horse’s ass on the road. 

I find it odd Michigan has this slogan when Flint is happening. “Pure” Michigan my ass. 

Finally we arrived in Detroit (OK right outside Detroit). We have a dear friend here and it was good to see him and his new home. 

Many of you may not know that I have a great fondness for college and their sports. Our friend took us over to Ann Arbor. It was buzzing with #4 and #8 playing one another (Michigan v. Wisconsin). 

We toured the campus. I was able to see the Gerald Ford library (make that my fourth Presidential library and yes I’m on a quest). The campus is just huge and a beautiful campus at that. Got to see the basketball arena and football field. How many greats have played for both sports!?! Now as a SEC school alum, I do feel a little more special (lol). However, this stadium, just wow. 

We topped the night off by going to a local favorite pub – HopCat. Over 100 beers on tap alone!  And yes, bottles.  Drinks and food were yummy. I saw a local Michigan beer – an APA – so I went for it. Homegirl doesn’t exactly drink these days so it took me a while to drink it, but damn it was good. The name of the beer – Scary Jesus Rockstar. I had to get just for the name. Creative and delicious. We walked the bar area back to the car and saw this lovely theater, Michigan Theater. My pic doesn’t do it justice, but the architecture is out of this world. 

Unlike college, the one beer, driving all day, etc. had me in bed by 10ish (EST). I’m ready for our day tomorrow now. Definitely have plans to tour Motown and theHenry Ford Museum (and area). No telling what trouble we will get into, but I’m excited!

– Tracy Fort



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