Detroit Rock City – Vacation Day 2

Today was day 2 of our rocking vacation.  

Many of you know our vacation theme – music and sports (with some history thrown in as well – go figure). We started the day at Scrambled Marie’s for breakfast. If you ordered French toast or pancakes, it was unlimited. Yeah sounds good at time lol. I had help from the table and still left food. I go the Rocky Mountain Toast – almonds and granola on top. Delicious. 

First stop of the day was Hitsville, USA!  Motown!  It was surreal.  We didn’t get to take pictures inside, but I was OK with that. I just soaked it up. My favorite part would be going into the untouched Studio A!  That is where the Motown sound all started.  Goosebumps actually formed on my arm. Highly recommend seeing this if you are in Detroit.  

After Motown, we went to see the Detroit Tigers and Lions respected fields. I always make a point to see these things when I’m a town that has a pro team. We also saw where the new hockey arena is going. 

Our third stop of the day was The Henry Ford Museum. I know it doesn’t sound exciting, but it was amazing.  You saw things you would never think you would get to see. They had the actual presidential limos of Teddy Roosevelt, his brother FDR, Ford, Reagan, and JFK’s. Yes that one.  They had sections that took us through different periods in America from the Industrial Revolution to the Civil Rights Movement plus much more. Here are a few pics of what we saw:

The entry way to the museum. Loved the architecture. 

JFK’s limo

FDR’s limo

Teddy’s carriage

Reagan’s Limo 

This made me smile. 

Seriously sweet ride 

The actual chair Lincoln was assasainated. 😦 Blood stains and all. All for wanting equality. 

The actual bus Ms. Rosa Parks declined to give up her seat on the bus. 

Ms. Parks’ seat. Talk about being overwhelmed with emotions. She said this was the least she could after the horrible murder of Emmett Till. 

Needless to say, the 80s section rocked. There is video footage of my friend and I doing Prince’s 1999. We had a crowd and people loved it until my friend ran off lol. 

A few of the awesome comics they had. First editions. 

Meet George Jetson….

As you will read above and see below, this was limo that took the astronauts through the ticker tape parade in NYC after the moon landing.  It was also used for the Pope’s visit in 1965. 

I wanted to sing the song and be video taped. All in my group refused. 😦 “My hotdog has a first name, its O-S-C-A-R…..”

Lastly, you too. Plus become a hotdog. My group piled al the toppings on but I’m very picky about toppings. I only took ketchup lol. 

We finished the day with a wonderful dinner at Vinsetta Garage. Detroit, it was fun!!


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