Tegan & Sara, October 22, 2016, The Pageant, Saint Louis, MO

If you can believe this, Saturday was my first time seeing Tegan and Sara. I always had conflicts with schedule when they have come to town. FINALLY, it happened.  

The crowd was elated even before they stepped foot on stage.  The house lights went dark then purple lights began blinking to the beat it felt like to a seriously high energy version of “I’m So Excited” performed originally by The Pointer Sisters. When the song ended, the twins from Canada stepped on stage!  Cue the crowd!  They were seriously loud and I loved that!  

Before I go forward, I must say that I was surprised in a good way when I saw who was in their band. The one and only Eva Gardner. One of the baddest asses of women who play. Also in the band were  Brendan Buckley (drums/percussion) and Gabriel McNair (keys/backing vocals). All of their resumes are impressive. They fit perfectly with Tegan and Sara. 

The opening number was “Back in Your Head” much to the crowd’s delight!  Their sound was perfection. Yes, I admit I love their music, but sometimes the live show doesn’t always add up. No worries about that here. Their stage (floor) reminded me of something straight out of Saturday Night Fever (you know I’m old with that reference).  From the beginning, they played to the crowd and you could tell how sincere it was. 

The duo played a great combination of new and old music.  (See my older review on their newest album Love You To Death.)  Some of my personal favorites were “Walking With a Ghost”, “Drove Me Wild”, “Faint of Heart”, “Nineteen”, “Hang on to the Night”, “Boyfriend”, and “Stop Desire”.  But who am I kidding, all were great. Two beautiful acoustic versions of songs were performed:  “The Con” and “Call It Off”. 

To see the full setlist, please go to this link:  


As expected, the girls were extremely funny when talking to the crowd. It was not some rehearsed thing they say at every show. They had been to Saint Louis’ well know City Museum earlier in the day and those stories were hilarious. At a moment in the show, Sara discussed the balcony dwellers. Quote of the night came from Sara while discussing the balcony, “You want to talk about my cats? No, we’re talking about the complexities of those who sit in the balcony.”  (It is at this point that I must admit I was a balcony dweller.  I like to have a seat when I’m reviewing to take a few notes on occasion. That is my story and I’m sticking to it!)

Needless to say, I highly recommend you attend a show on this tour. I’ve included the link below in order for you to see if there is a show near you or maybe a road trip!  See tour schedule below:


I know you usually expect good pictures from me. I didn’t have a camera pass and here are a few from the iPhone. Better than nothing, right? Nothing like balcony pictures either. (LOL)

Lastly, the show was phenomenal as I have said, but it’s also good to see artists who actually stand for something. Tegan and Sara talked from the heart about the U.S. Election and it’s importance.  To me, that’s what makes them even greater!

Grab your tickets and catch a show!  You will not regret it!

Were you at the show?  Leave your comments! Love reading them! – TF


Welcome to Toronto – Vacation Day 3

A good portion of the day was spent driving. I was so glad to be back in Canada again. I haven’t been to Ontario so I added a third province (BC and Alberta are the other too). I also saw Great Lakes 3 and 4 – Lake Huron and Lake Ontario. That makes my total at 4 – 1 more left! (I’ve seen Lake Michigan and Lake Erie previously.). Do not laugh at this history nerd and my lists I want to accomplish lol. 

We entered Toronto and I got so excited. Such a beautiful skyline. The CN tower is in one picture. If you wanted, you could actual go outside and walk plus jump out a bit. There was a time my younger self would have said YES!!  Today is turn and run the other direction. lol

We checked into our hotel which is really nice. Spent some time just resting before going to eat at Marche and meeting a dear friend from college who lives on Toronto now. The restaurant was amazing. A very cool concept.  After that, we caught up with a super sweet woman who has become a sponsor of the Friday shows. She owns Tomboy Toes. Some killer shows FYI. We hung out in gay Toronto having drinks and visiting. Low key evening but fun!!

The entryway to the restaurant. 

Hockey Nation!  Had to get our Prongs!

My college friend and I 

Some of the wonderful architecture in Toronto

Stay Tuned for Day 4 – Adele Day!!

Detroit Rock City – Vacation Day 2

Today was day 2 of our rocking vacation.  

Many of you know our vacation theme – music and sports (with some history thrown in as well – go figure). We started the day at Scrambled Marie’s for breakfast. If you ordered French toast or pancakes, it was unlimited. Yeah sounds good at time lol. I had help from the table and still left food. I go the Rocky Mountain Toast – almonds and granola on top. Delicious. 

First stop of the day was Hitsville, USA!  Motown!  It was surreal.  We didn’t get to take pictures inside, but I was OK with that. I just soaked it up. My favorite part would be going into the untouched Studio A!  That is where the Motown sound all started.  Goosebumps actually formed on my arm. Highly recommend seeing this if you are in Detroit.  

After Motown, we went to see the Detroit Tigers and Lions respected fields. I always make a point to see these things when I’m a town that has a pro team. We also saw where the new hockey arena is going. 

Our third stop of the day was The Henry Ford Museum. I know it doesn’t sound exciting, but it was amazing.  You saw things you would never think you would get to see. They had the actual presidential limos of Teddy Roosevelt, his brother FDR, Ford, Reagan, and JFK’s. Yes that one.  They had sections that took us through different periods in America from the Industrial Revolution to the Civil Rights Movement plus much more. Here are a few pics of what we saw:

The entry way to the museum. Loved the architecture. 

JFK’s limo

FDR’s limo

Teddy’s carriage

Reagan’s Limo 

This made me smile. 

Seriously sweet ride 

The actual chair Lincoln was assasainated. 😦 Blood stains and all. All for wanting equality. 

The actual bus Ms. Rosa Parks declined to give up her seat on the bus. 

Ms. Parks’ seat. Talk about being overwhelmed with emotions. She said this was the least she could after the horrible murder of Emmett Till. 

Needless to say, the 80s section rocked. There is video footage of my friend and I doing Prince’s 1999. We had a crowd and people loved it until my friend ran off lol. 

A few of the awesome comics they had. First editions. 

Meet George Jetson….

As you will read above and see below, this was limo that took the astronauts through the ticker tape parade in NYC after the moon landing.  It was also used for the Pope’s visit in 1965. 

I wanted to sing the song and be video taped. All in my group refused. 😦 “My hotdog has a first name, its O-S-C-A-R…..”

Lastly, you too. Plus become a hotdog. My group piled al the toppings on but I’m very picky about toppings. I only took ketchup lol. 

We finished the day with a wonderful dinner at Vinsetta Garage. Detroit, it was fun!!

October 1 – Happy Birthday Month to Me! (Spotify playlist included)

I’ve been trying to do a Spotify list each month for the listeners as many always ask me about music. 

Taking the October birthday theme, I made a playlist with a song from each year. It may or may not have been the best song that year. However, most mean something to me for one reason or another. I’ll share some of the stories below. Here is the list itself:


1969 – A Boy Named Sue, Johnny Cash

1970 – Mississippi Queen, Mountain (What can I say, I’m a Mississippi queen.)

1971 – Brown Sugar, Rolling Stones (If I had to pick, this is my favorite by the Stones.  What an influence they had on my music life.)

1972 – Let’s Stay Together, Al Green

1973 – Let’s Get It On, Marvin Gaye (THE voice. Gone way to soon.)

1974 – Band on the Run, Paul McCartney & the Wings (We have two in a row by Wings.   Adored them. Reminds me of family trips with that AM radio coming through…sometimes.)

1975 – Junior’s Farm, Paul McCartney & the Wings (See 1974)

1976 – Sara Smile, Hall & Oates (Such a great song. The old H&O is the best!)

1977 – Barracuda, Heart (My uncle who wasn’t that older than me taught me GOOD music. His album collection was something else. He is no longer with us but when I hear certain songs especially Heart, I think of him.)

1978 – Slip Slidin’ Away, Paul Simon (Fav PS song)

1979 – Le Freak, Chic (Man, I rocked it out to this song on roller skates!!  Good times!  Funtime Skateland!)

1980 – Call Me, Blondie (This began my obsession with the somewhat punk and new wave movement.)

1981 – Hit Me With Your Best ShoT, Pat Benatar (She taught me girls can rock it too. She was a woman in a man’s world and kicked ass.)

1982 – We Got The Beat, Go-Gos (My group as a kid!)

1983 – Let’s Dance, David Bowie

1984 – The Warrior, Scandal

1985 – I’m on Fire, Bruce Springsteen (BRRUUUCCCCEEEEE!)

1986 – True Colors, Cyndi Lauper (When I heard this song, it gave me comfort. I knew I was “different”, but was scared to acknowledge what it actually was. 20 something years later of being out, I hear this song and it still gives me chills – and comfort.)

1987 – With or Without You, U2 (U2 – wow, what can you say!  They truly changed my life. I was old enough to comprehend that any of us can make social change. That is what is at the heart of this group. Favorite U2 moment was taking my sister to see them after so many years she had adored them. Her happiness was awesome!)

1988 – I Get Weak, Belinda Carlisle (Many of you know the story lol. So when the GoGo’s kicked Kathy Valentine out of the band, many of the fans (including me) were bummed. What stunk is that they sold tickets to their show without revealing this until later. Kathy was my favorite GoGo. She gave us her pick at the concert before this one. Many took to Twitter being downright ugly. Now with my wicked sense of humor, I said I wonder if they’ll give 20% of our ticket back to us. It was funny. Many were calling them ugly names, etc. Many found the tweet funny. Next thing I know, Belinda has blocked me from her Twitter account lol.)

1989 – Love Shack, B-52s (Someone who ended up being one of my dearest friends moved to Missssippi from Seattle one summer. Our parents were friends.  She opened my eyes to the B52s – the old, really good stuff.  We had never heard this in Mississippi well befor this song.  Thanks, Deana, for bringing this and so much more into my life!  Side note:  Fred was the guest musician with the STL Gateway Chorus. We went to a fundraiser where he was guest of honor. I met Fred!  80s kid went nuts – after meeting him that is.)

1990 – We Didn’t Start The Fire, Billy Joel (The history nerd loves this one.)

1991 – Justify My Love, Madonna (I loved this song for it’s video. Since it was banned from MTV, our local video store rented it.  lol Hard to believe that was banned.)

1992 – November Rain, Guns n Roses

1993 – Weak, SWV

1994 – Whatta Man, Salt n Pepa & En Vogue (Reminds me of good times. Fresh out of grad school the year before, my best friend since I was 3 and I remained in Starkville a little bit working. We would crank this cassette tape UP riding through MSUs campus blaring this plus singing and our choreographed moves. He is n longer here on this earth, but I still JAM to this song – enough for the both us!)

1995 – Big Poppa, Notorious B.I.G. (Biggie Smalls – game changer!) 

1996 – Sittin’ Up In My Room, Brandy

1997 – Where Have All The Cowboys Gone, Paula Cole

1998 – This Kiss, Faith Hill (Mississippi girl from the county where my family lives!)

1999 – Believe, Cher (My inner gay man comes out to Cher. Also, Nora and I had our second date at the Cher concert.)

2000 – Say My Name, Destiny’s Child

2001 – Fallin’, Alecia Keyes (goddess) 

2002 – Hot in Herre, Nelly (Put the Lou and music on the map. Fun times)

2003 – Crazy In Love, Beyonce with Jay-Z (Queen and King. What else can I say here.)

2004 – Hey Ya – Outkast

2005 – Gold Digger, Kanye West with Jamie Foxx

2006 – Promiscuous, Nelly Furtado with Timberland

2007 – Umbrella, Rhianna with Jay-Z

2008 – Just Fine, Mary J. Blige (MJB – top 5 singers of all time. Hell of a concert too – have seen 3 times! A fourth in November!)

2009 – Sober, Pink (She upped the game of being a bad ass!)

2010 – Need You Now, Lady Antebellum 

2011 – Rolling in the Deep, Adele (How can you not fall in love with this voice. So much so I’m going to freaking Toronto to see her Monday, October 3, 2016.)

2012 – Payphone, Maroon 5 with Wiz Khalifa

2013 – Suit & Tie, Justin Timberlake with Jay-Z

2014 – Stay With Me, Sam Smith (Smooth as silk!)

2015 – Send My Love (To Your New Lover), Adele (See 2011. Also, favorite song of 25 album.)

2016 – Hymn for the Weekend, Coldplay (Love this group and fell in love even more seeing them live this year!!  You left the concert feeling so good about yourself and others.  That’s the sign of an impactful group of musicians.  And Chris Martin is easy on the eyes!)

For the actual playlist, see the link below:

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I had fun making it.  Now, happy birthday to me!  Where are my presents??? lol

– Tracy Fort

Vacation Have to Get Away….

Day 1 was spent mainly on the road from Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and ending up in Michigan.  Along the way, we saw the world’a largest soup can at the Campbell’s factory!

Thanks, Roadside Attractions app. If you travel a lot, this is a must app. We had already passed, but we could have gone to the Dum Dum’s factory lol. 

Along the way we saw a real horse’s ass on the road. 

I find it odd Michigan has this slogan when Flint is happening. “Pure” Michigan my ass. 

Finally we arrived in Detroit (OK right outside Detroit). We have a dear friend here and it was good to see him and his new home. 

Many of you may not know that I have a great fondness for college and their sports. Our friend took us over to Ann Arbor. It was buzzing with #4 and #8 playing one another (Michigan v. Wisconsin). 

We toured the campus. I was able to see the Gerald Ford library (make that my fourth Presidential library and yes I’m on a quest). The campus is just huge and a beautiful campus at that. Got to see the basketball arena and football field. How many greats have played for both sports!?! Now as a SEC school alum, I do feel a little more special (lol). However, this stadium, just wow. 

We topped the night off by going to a local favorite pub – HopCat. Over 100 beers on tap alone!  And yes, bottles.  Drinks and food were yummy. I saw a local Michigan beer – an APA – so I went for it. Homegirl doesn’t exactly drink these days so it took me a while to drink it, but damn it was good. The name of the beer – Scary Jesus Rockstar. I had to get just for the name. Creative and delicious. We walked the bar area back to the car and saw this lovely theater, Michigan Theater. My pic doesn’t do it justice, but the architecture is out of this world. 

Unlike college, the one beer, driving all day, etc. had me in bed by 10ish (EST). I’m ready for our day tomorrow now. Definitely have plans to tour Motown and theHenry Ford Museum (and area). No telling what trouble we will get into, but I’m excited!

– Tracy Fort