Tegan & Sara, Love You To Death, June 9, 2016

The twins from Canada continue to make their rock/pop presence felt. Love You to Death is absolutely solid from beginning to end. In case you are unfamiliar with the label, Vapor Records, it is owned by the one and only (and fellow Canadian) Neil Young. Love You to Death is a mix of happy and not-so-happy songs that have a peppy feel once you listen to the words. Lyrically, this is probably some of their best work yet. You may find yourself in one or more of the situations they describe, be it present or past.

My favorite song by far is first single “Boyfriend.” (I know many of you understand the meaning beneath song.) It has a catchy beat and you cannot help but like it. “100x” is an absolutely gut-wrenching song and immediately makes you a little heartbroken. If that is what they were going for, it certainly worked. “U-Turn” is another fun track with a very uppity beat, sounding like someone may have needed to apologize to a girlfriend.

The album has already received extremely high accolades, and the girls deserve them all. If you are a Tegan and Sara fan, then you know how much fun they have with their videos. I typically do not get into videos as a rule, but the one for “Boyfriend,” directed by Clea Duvall, is a classic. A | Tracy Fort


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