Movie Review: Girl In Woods (Candy Factory Films, NR), June 16, 2016

Juliet Reeves stars in this psychological thriller where she plays someone haunted by her past but trying to survive the present. Reeves plays Grace, a woman who has gone to the Appalachian Mountains with her boyfriend, Jim, played by Jeremy London. Jim even proposes to Grace on their weekend getaway. It sounds like a romantic weekend until things go horribly awry.

The happy couple decides to go on a romantic hike while they are in the mountains. Jim carries a backpack with water, snacks, and other items. He also packs a rifle, which raises questions with Grace, but he states that it is for protection, especially from bears. When they reach a resting point from the hike, the pair enjoys each other’s company then Jim begins to take the backpack and rifle off of his back. It is at this point when everything comes tumbling down for Grace.

The gun accidentally goes off and Jim is shot. While Grace goes running into the woods, it is presumed eventually that Jim is dead. What has not been said is that Grace witnessed her father commit suicide when she was a child. Grace takes medication to assist her in getting through each day. Prior to their walk in the woods, Jim asked Grace if she would need her medication for the walk and she stated she would not. This would become a serious mistake for her.

As Grace makes her trek into the woods, she slowly begins having flashbacks to her childhood. She is also realizing that she is lost in the woods. She attempts to ration water and food. The flashbacks become unbearable for Grace. Without her medications, the worse things become for her. While you may see it briefly, it is more of an understood option that she is being stalked in the woods, in her sleep, etc.

This movie not only shows Grace’s fight to survive in the woods alone, but also her fight against the demons from her past. The movie is definitely a psychological film that keeps you guessing what is real and what is not. Grace holds the key to her future, but her traumatic past may be the end of her. It is definitely a film worth watching. It takes you on a very fast trip in someone’s mind that is trapped, unable to perceive reality from make believe. You will question everything in the movie. I had to watch twice in order to attempt to understand. Even after watching it twice, I still have some questions. To me, that is what a true psychological thriller should do to the viewer—leave us all asking questions and wanting more. Girl in Woods does this without question. | Tracy Fort

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