Movie Review: Central Intelligence (Warner Brothers, PG-13), June 17, 2016

I want to write this review while it is fresh on my mind, as I saw it Monday evening (and it’s now early Tuesday morning). Things have been crazy in this world the last couple of days. I think it is important to acknowledge what happened in Orlando. Was I ready to do a review? Not at first, but I got to thinking, this is how they win—when people stop their lives, they win. I am elated that I went because I saw a really funny movie, and it was cathartic to laugh.

Cue En Vogue “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Going to Get It”) from 1992. Imagine, if you will, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the shower, but you must also imagine a larger version of Johnson (and not in a muscular way). The year was 1996; his class was getting ready to graduate, but sadly, his character was bullied. Enter Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart). He was “Mr. Everything” at school, known as “The Golden Jet.” Some of the high schoolers in the movie get Johnson’s character, Bob Stone, out of the shower and throw him naked into the school gymnasium. The gym erupted with laughter, humiliating Stone, but Joyner does a nice gesture that will stay with Stone forever.

Jump forward to the year 2016. Joyner has a steady job as an accountant, but he is unhappy especially since a younger accountant he supervised was given a partner position. Joyner’s wife (played by Daniele Nicolet) is his high school sweetheart who has become an attorney. Joyner feels as if the kid voted “Most Likely to Succeed” has not lived up to his expectations. The 20-year class reunion is coming up soon, and he decides that he cannot go.

While at work and checking his Facebook, Joyner gets a Facebook friend request from Stone. He had not seen Stone since that day in the gym when he helped him. It appears that Stone has never forgotten and a quick friendship ensues. It first starts with a boy’s night out on the town which quickly escalates to the pair being chased by the CIA. Joyner is completely in the dark and Stone finally admits to him that he is a CIA agent, but he is wanted by the CIA for treason and killing his partner. These two go through an adventure that tests the limits of their newly found friendship. Will they be able to salvage Stone’s career much less their friendship?

Hart and Johnson are one amazing team. They have the comic and action piece down to a science inCentral Intelligence. I firmly believe they have a sensational commercial hit. It left me wanting a sequel and/or more movies with the two of them together. Another thing I loved about this movie were the many 80s and 90s referencs.

There are cameos that you just cannot miss by Melissa McCarthy, Aaron Paul, and Jason Bateman to name a few. I also recommend staying through the show’s blooper reels that appear right after the movie ends. You can view the official trailer here Is this movie going to win an Oscar? I highly doubt it, but it is a hilarious, buddy movie. I recommend seeing it. | Tracy Fort

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