Album Review: Garbage, Strange Little Birds, June 6, 2016

I will put this out there now: I am a huge Garbage fan. While all their albums are spectacular, this sixth studio offering may just be up there with Version 2.0, the band’s critically acclaimed sophomore release.

I know that claim leaves some big shoes to fill, but this album truly takes me back to Garbage’s beginnings. The songs are angry, deep, aggressive, and even sensual. Pretty much your typical Garbage album, right? Yes, but lead singer (keyboardist and guitarist, as well) Shirley Manson’s vocals are grittier than ever. When Manson sings on each and every one of these songs, you feel it. I mean you really feelit.

Backing up Manson are Duke Erikson (bass, guitar, keyboards), Steve Marker (guitar, keyboards), and Butch Vig (drums, percussion). While the four of them put together are pure magic, this album is pure gold. They have put together something special here; Strange Little Birds is the kind of album that does not come around often for a band.

All 11 tracks are different and bring something new to the table. The opening song, “Sometimes,” sets the tone with Manson’s sultry voice accompanied by a beat, and then some piano. She basically takes charge of your listening pleasure immediately. I urge you to jump to the end of the album for “Amends.” I think all of us wish we had written this song to someone in our lives. And “Even though Our Love Is Doomed” will blow your mind. I want to leave a little for you to wonder about, of course.

Run—do not walk—to whatever type of device or store from which you obtain your music. This is some of the best music Garbage has put out to date. A+ | Tracy Fort

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