Album Review: The Deer, Tempest & Rapture, June 19, 2016

I decided to take on this review, as I have heard great things about this band. I had no idea what to expect, to be perfectly honest. It turns out, I was pleasantly pleased.

This Austin band is listed in the “folk/dream pop” music genre, but I would give them many more labels than that; every song seems to have its own “feel.” While it definitely falls within the genre listed, you hear some old country vibes all the way to an Irish-sounding genre, with everything else falling in the mix. The band has a “southern Gothic” feel to it, as well. There are truly so many descriptors for this band and their music.

The Deer consists of Grace Park (singer-songwriter), Jesse Dalton (upright bass), Michael McLeod (lead guitarist), Eckert (drums/vocals), and Noah Jeffries (fiddle/mandolin/guitar). Each musician brings a special gift to the table. It is hard to pick an absolute favorite from the 17-song album, as they all bring something unique to the sound of Tempest & Rapture. “Your Right to Wave” has a sultry sound, Park’s voice unique and haunting. “Bad Translator” includes an eerie piano, which is just beautiful. Once again, Park adds her own style to the song.

If you are like me and always looking for some new music, I encourage you to take a listen to Tempest & Rapture; you don’t know what you will get with each song. You can follow The Deer on their websiteB+Tracy Fort

Check out Tracy on her internationally acclaimed radio program, The Tracy Fort Show, online or via internet radio apps. In addition to live streams, you can listen to podcasts of previous shows. Follow The Tracy Fort Show on Twitter at @TracyFortShow.


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